Singer Marketing Group

Google Ad Account Access

If you don’t already have a Google Ad account, follow these instruction here.

In order to gain access to your existing Google Ads account, we will need the Google Ads account’s Customer ID number.


Once this number is provided, our team will send a request to you to link their Google Ads account to our Manager account. 

All you need to to do from here is: 

1) Login to their Google Ads Account
2) Navigate to Tools & Settings > Setup > Account access (in the grey bar at the top)
3) Navigate to Managers (in the white bar just below the grey bar)
4) Accept the pending request to link your account to the agency’s manager account
After that, we’re good to go 🙂

Google Ads Billing

In order for Google to allow us to show your ads, we’ll have to set up billing in the Google Ads account. 

Here’s how we do that:

1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
2. Click the tool icon, then click Billing & payments.
3. Choose the country or territory of your business address. Click Continue.
4. Enter your business address. Click Continue.
5. Make your billing selections and enter your billing information. The options you see will depend on the country of your billing address, the currency you’ve picked, and whether any payment methods are temporarily unavailable for your account.
6. Review and accept the Google Ads Terms and Conditions.
7. Click Submit and Activate.

Google Tag Manager Access

Google Tag Manager is a super awesome tool that allows us to track conversions on your website. 

If you don’t have a Google Tag Manager account, no problem — we can set one up for you (all you have to do is send us a request). 

If, however, you already has a Google Tag Manager account, then we’ll want to link to your existing account. 

Here’s how we do that:

1. Log in to your Google Tag Manager account
2. Select the Admin tab just below the Tag Manager icon
3. Select the User Management tab in the account section
4. Click the blue + symbol
5. Select “Add Users”
6. Enter optimizing.sem@gmail.com as the email address
7. Under Account Permissions, click the checkbox by Administrator
8. For Container Permissions, click “Set All” and click the checkbox by Publish
9. Hit the blue Done button in the top right corner
10. Hit the blue Invite button in the top right corner

Once this is complete, we’ll have access to the Google Tag Manager account 🙂

Google Analytics Access

Google Analytics is great for both tracking conversions and setting up remarketing audiences, so we’ll definitely want to make sure that we have the correct access to Google Analytics before launching new campaigns! 

If you don’t have a Google Analytics account, no problem — we’ll be more than happy to set one up for you. 

If, however, you already have a Google Analytics account, then this is how you can grant us the proper access:

1) Log into the Google Analytics account
2) Click the Gear Icon in the bottom left corner that says “Admin”
3) Under the Account section, select “User Management”
4) Click the blue + icon in the right hand corner
5) Select “Add Users”
6) Enter optimizing.sem@gmail.com as the email address
7) Make sure that “Notify users by email” is checked
8) Under permissions, select “Edit,” Collaborate,” and “Read & Analyze”
9) Click the blue “Add” in the top left corner

And boom! We’ve got access!