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5 Tips To Get More 5 Star Yelp Reviews FAST!

If you’re a local contractor or home improvement professional, you need Yelp reviews.

If you’re not on Yelp, you’re not going to be successful. I hate to say it, but that’s the reality.

Hey everyone. I’m Brian Singer, I help contractors grow their business and get more customers with digital marketing.

And today I’m going to show you how to get lots of Yelp reviews fast.


Don’t Break Yelp’s Terms of Service

The first thing you need to know is that you can’t break their terms of services or their policies. If you do, you could get kicked out of Yelp, and that’s not a good thing.

So if you tell your friends, “Hey go write a fantastic review on Yelp,” you’re probably gonna get in trouble. It’s just a question of when.

So, instead, you could ask your customers, “hey, go check us out on Yelp.”
You not telling them to go leave a 5 start review… your just saying check us out

By just saying go check us out on Yelp, if they want to, they will.

If they don’t, they won’t.

Place a Yelp badge on your site.

If you have a website, if you don’t you should and you can build one really easily on wordpress.com.

So if you have a website, put your Yelp badge on your site. So when people go to your website to look at your services, and get more information, they can see that you are on yelp.

When they see that you’re on Yelp, they will likely go look at your Yelp reviews and see what other people are saying, and if they like the reviews left by other people there that much more likely to buy your services.

Also, they can then go back, and then leave a rating and a review on Yelp. So make sure you place that badge on your site.

Put their sticker on your truck.

Have the sticker or the sign on your storefront or on your truck.

By doing that people will see that you’re on Yelp and if they like what you have to serve they’re going to give you a good review. If they don’t, you’re probably gonna get a really crappy review.

Put your Yelp link in your email signature.

Everyone uses email; I don’t care if you’re young or you’re older. Email is still one of the biggest connection methods of the internet. That’s how communication goes down.

So every time you send out an email, why not link out to your Yelp profile?

Share your Yelp reviews in social media.

The fifth tip I have for you is to share your amazing reviews on the social web. You have to be on Facebook, instagram, maybe even LinkedIn, whatever social network you’re on… start sharing your amazing Yelp reviews.

Not only will it get you more business, but more people will know that you’re on Yelp, and if they like what you have to offer, they’re also more likely to leave good reviews.

“People Love Us On Yelp”

Last but not least, if you do well on Yelp, they will send you a sticker that says, “people love us on Yelp” and share that.

Put that on your storefront or truck. It will help drive more business.

And as other people see it they’re much more likely to also give an excellent review and rating on Yelp.

Follow those things, those tactics, and you’ll get more amazing reviews on Yelp.

If you’re a contractor or home improvement professional and you;d like help getting more 5 star reviews and attracting more customers, build your brand, then check out my website Singer Marketing dot com.

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