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Facebook Marketplace is the newest social classified.

Facebook’s classified section offers a lot of benefits and it’s free!

Facebook Marketplace is one of the most searched classifieds.

Facebook Marketplace has a lot of traffic and the exposure your dealership will receive is priceless.

Right now, Facebook Marketplace has a lot of traffic and only few dealers. Jump on the bandwagon first, and get the benefits of this free social auto classified while competition is low.

It’s easier to browse on phones.

With 8 out 10 people searching for a car on mobile, Facebook Marketplace is easier to browse for auto buyers.

It’s safer for buyers and sellers.

Facebook Marketplace is tied directly to buyers and sellers Facebook accounts. You can look at a person’s profile, at their business profile if linked to it, and find out how long they’ve been on Facebook, check their previous Marketplace activity, their reviews and so on.