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Facebook Brand Awareness Ads For Car Dealerships

We leverage Facebook to build your brand and to increase
engagement and generate leads.

Facebook is the fastest growing automotive lead provider. It’s where your clients are, and it’s where you should be. More than a connection, social media can be a big earner for your dealership.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that many dealerships underutilize. 

Singer Marketing is well-versed in how to create long-term engagement with customers, and deliver actionable leads to your sales team. Our social gurus can also train your team on how to effectively engage with customers via social media platforms.

Paid Facebook advertising gets your message exactly where you want it. We zero in on your intended customers for a direct and rapid response. 

Targeted ads mean less waste and a bigger ROI. Their flexibility allows you to add additional questions to lead forms, raising lead quality and providing talking points when customers visit the store. 

Our social strategists will help spread the culture of your brand through frequent organic posts. Paid social will get customers in the door, and organic will keep them invested. Your website’s SEO benefits from a robust social media presence. 

Your website’s SEO will benefit from improving your social channels, we’ll also be boosting your website’s visibility to potential shoppers.