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About Brian...

I’ve been a video producer, editor and post-production coordinator working in film and television since 1995

I worked for Toyota and Lexus for nearly 10 years as part of their in-house video production team, before moving out on my own and starting my own production company.

I coordinated and produced digital training materials for Mazda, Kia and Hyundai.

I’ve worked as executive producer on many music videos and some of the biggest bands of the 90’s. Also a lot of and TV commercials and infomercials. 

Working with many of the top infomercial production companies, I learned the “formula” of direct-marketing and selling through the use of video.

I’m also co-owner of a local BBQ restaurant, and have been involved in many real estate investments and ‘house flipping’.


Brands I've Worked With...

Reel Big Fish was my first opportunity to work with a major record label. We had a very tight budget and wanted to impress the record Execs. Director Jeff Gordon and I decided to put it all on screen and got very creative to make ever dollar stretch as far as possible. 

We wanted to shoot the opening scene at a cafe in Barstow. I asked them how much they would make on a typical Monday, The owner told me “about $1500”. So we rented the entire restaurant for the day for $1500. 

Most of the interiors were shot at the vacant L.A. Stock Exchange building in downtown, used for movie locations.

Also, to save money, most of the sets and props where built by me in my garage… including the Fry Boy costume.

With the success of “Sell Out” the record company gave us a second shot with GoldFinger, another local punk/ska band. We decided to shoot a parody of the “Alien” movie.

The budget was a little bigger this time and we again, put it all on screen. I hired Craig Dorsey as art director and shot the entire music video on a sound stage (Lyon Studios) in Newport Beach, CA. (located behind the original Crab Cooker, both are gone now).

Most of the hand props where built by me. I am also the puppeteer for “Evil Darrin”.

I also had opportunities to work with local indie bands, (code for no budget), in which I wrote, produced, directed and edited and catered. (photo: SuperNovice)  

Infomercials, Commercials and Corporate Training Videos Include…

Coca-cola, Toyota, Lexus, NordicTrack, Guthy-Renker, Good Neighbor Pharmacy, Smurfit Paper Co., Beautiful U, Bun Trainer, and more.

I’ve also worked with some of the the biggest infomercial productions companies on projects featuring George Forman Grill, Butch Harmon, Rosetta-Stone and others.